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In today’s global world, communication involves cross-cultural understanding, social etiquette and advanced presentation skills.  

Providing personal training on presentation skills for social, business and personal enhancement. Special accommodations for clientele in career adjustments and business marketing.

Special attention for foreign students and personnel entering America for cultural and communication adjustments, with 10+ years of Asian corporate and university training. 

Communication Training

    Communication                 Coaching

*Presentation Skills

*Grammar, Speaking, Power Point

*Public Speaking

Life, Career Coaching

*Life Coaching Sessions
*Resume, Market Plans, Interviewing

*LinkedIn formatting 

    Cultural Training    Asian & American

Training for both students & business personnel 

*Cultural/Traditional behavioral lifestyles

*Communication patterns 

*Surviving the first 30 days

   Cultural Business                Coaching

Certified TEFL Business English Instruction    Comprehensive training in business grammar   * Inter. Negotiations – Strategies for interactions

 * Western & Asian Management styles, operations,              sales/marketing concepts

Resume, Interviewing and Career Coaching
Career Networking(C3G), Atlanta, GA.
LIfe Lessons Career Networking, Atlanta, GA

Toastmasters - Atlanta, GA

My Coaching Story

15+ years of business operations, management, sales and marketing experience coupled with 10+ years of corporate & university training in Asia. 

Corporate Communication training 2009-current

 Beijng Foreign Study University(Beiwai)  | Chinese SOE corporate accounts | VIP private tutoring

classroom sessions for western management practices

Chinese University Business training, 2006-2015

                   Yunan Normal University | Beijing Foreign Studies | Peking University                                        Capital Normal University | Tianjin Normal University, China


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