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Tracy P.  June 2019

I recently had the privilege and honor to consult with Dennis to discuss effective sales and LinkedIn strategies. Dennis provided priceless insights to assist in obtaining clients, as well as quality network connections. I am so thankful for his time and effort to help me grow my new small business. I am excited to see the results and to continue our professional relationship going forward.


Eric L.  May 2019

Dennis' advice and instruction was invaluable through my job transition process. He encouraged me to play to my strengths, present myself in a way that shows immediate value to an employer, and to be confident in asking for what I want out of a job offer. Dennis has a no nonsense approach that I found refreshing and useful in a job search that can get unnecessarily complicated. At the end of my search I did find a great job and Dennis was there to congratulate me.

ayCarl B.  April 2019

Dennis has been a valued partner for me during my career transition. Specifically, he listened to what I had struggled with and provided thoughtful and insightful suggestions as I entered and exited the interview process. One key piece of advice offered: 'stay aggressive with those who have been aggressive with you' resounded clearly. It was effective as I landed the position I had been seeking. Highly recommend Dennis for all those who need both a sounding board and sound counsel.

Craig B. August 2018

Met Dennis at a 'job fair' setting. Was immediately impressed with his direct manner and genuineness. After the meeting Dennis stayed in touch and had encouraging words. Realistic, but encouraging. Started following Dennis on Linkedin, I found him to have sage advice and posts. Nice job Dennis.

Tim R.   July 2018

I had the pleasure of working with Dennis during a career transition and utilized his coaching, and advice in several ways. He has a great approach to the interview process and I was able to modify my presentation based his input to achieve better results. He is willing to take the time to listen, and provide key areas of advice that resonated very well with me. I would absolutely recommend Dennis to anyone seeking the advice he offers.

Todd L.  April 2018

Dennis was an amazing resource for me for private career coaching that included: resume tips, LinkedIn formatting, interview coaching and personal marketing plans. He truly understands the Atlanta job market trends, what companies and recruiters are looking for and the essentials, necessary skills needed to go that next step in your career path. I would recommend Dennis to anyone whether you're in the job market or not...the bottom line is he builds your confidence and sets you up for success!

Rodney D.  march 2018

I had the privilege of learning from Dennis during a C3G meeting. During that time I sat in on his career training/interview discussion. I found Dennis to extremely knowledgeable in his field and very helpful to the entire group regarding next step interviewing. I would highly recommend Dennis for his expertise in cultural and communication for the corporate world of today.

Nancy D.  Oct 2017

It is rare to find somebody who understands the Asian culture so well and also an expert in communication and business development. I was lucky to have an opportunity to work with Dennis. As my personal career coach, he has helped me in communication and business development. He understands my challenges as an Asian American and be able to bring out my strengths.
Dennis provided an excellent format that helped assist me in my client contact communications. His experience and current insights assisted my confidence and approach. He has a keen insight into Asian communication styles that proved beneficial to my market.

Jing M.  Sept 2017

I am grateful for the dedicated cultural training provided by Dennis. I arrived in America for a job with no American cultural experiences. He provided classroom training, technical and social levels, along with hands-on experiences that allowed me to live on my own comfortably. His friendly and open style made the training informative and fun. I would recommend his services to anyone needing American cultural training when arriving in America!

Bill K.

Had the opportunity to see Dennis’ coaching skills up close. His session on improving personal communication/interviewing skills is excellent; and highly interactive. He is knowledgeable and his advice is right on point. No wonder he has had years of success as a cultural training expert.

Steve D.

I had the pleasure of meeting with Dennis at a time when I needed some professional guidance for a potential business arrangement I was considering with the Chinese. He had a sincere interest and willingness to offer practical advice into the Chinese business mind and culture.